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The Hill School of Wilmington Selected as Landfall Grant Recipient

The Hill School of Wilmington’s 2018 Technology Outreach Project grant request was one of 82 projects selected by the Landfall Foundation for its 2018 grant cycle. This grant, totaling $6,400, gives Hill School the ability to include state of the art technology in its new facility which will aid in providing community resources for students with learning and attention issues through on-site educator and parent training and seminars. Teacher training at the college level does not require extensive coursework on learning differences, so regular classroom teachers often must find training from external sources. In addition, parents often struggle to find credible information and support for their disabled learners. But through the generosity of the Landfall Foundation, The Hill School can now offer teacher training sessions and parent support seminars which will benefit not only Hill students but students in surrounding schools as well, a key mission of The Hill School.

This is the twenty-second year the Landfall Foundation has been awarding grants to organizations in our community. The Hill School of Wilmington is a 501(c)3 nonprofit school for students with learning disabilities.


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