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Admissions Process

Parents should complete the application form and send it to the Admissions Office with the $75 application fee.

Parents should fill in and send the forms indicated below directly to the appropriate persons, agencies, or clinics. These forms are part of the Application Packet: 


- Request for Release of School Information 

- Request for Release of Diagnostic/Psychological Information (e.g., WISC V, Educational Assessment, Social/Emotional Assessment)

- Request for Release of Medical Information - Teacher Observation Forms (2)  


The application process will be complete after the Admissions Office has

received all of the above information.


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For Summer Program only applicants: Only one teacher observation form is required. If the child has diagnostic testing or psychological information, please forward that information, but it is not required for the summer application.   

  • Applications will be considered on a rolling basis until all spaces are filled. Parents will be notified in writing of the final admissions decision. The Enrollment Agreement and additional program information will be enclosed for those applicants accepted.

  • To confirm enrollment in the program once a student is accepted, parents should complete the Enrollment Agreement and send it to the Admissions Office with the tuition deposit. The student will be formally enrolled in the program upon receipt of the Enrollment Agreement and tuition deposit.

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