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The Hill School of Wilmington: A Teacher's Perspective

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

By Doris Sanders, Hill School Teacher

The Hill School of Wilmington (HSW) has provided a welcoming place for students with dyslexia since it first opened its doors in the basement of St. James Parish in 2010. When I moved to Wilmington in 2011, I quickly realized that HSW was a good fit for me as well. I am an educator who has long realized the amazing potential of dyslexic students when they are able to learn in a multi-sensory, research-based, structured learning environment. HSW provides an exceptional conduit for releasing the potential of these students.

HSW has grown from its humble two-room beginning to accommodate more students in its current eight-classroom specially designed building, and services have been added to its regular school year and summer programs. Year after year, the mission of meeting the unique academic needs of dyslexic students has remained the central focus of HSW’s board, directors, and staff.

HSW’s greatest accomplishment is seen in its past and present students as they meet goals, master objectives, and successfully navigate academics. It has been extremely rewarding to witness the outcome of these very capable young people.

I will conclude with some wisdom from my students who have shown great insight regarding our school, its methodology, and our teachers over the years. The following are a few student “quotables” that will forever make me smile:

“The teachers at Hill School teach the way I learn!”

“Why didn’t anyone ever tell me that math was fun?”

“We are a little violent at Hill School. We explode codes, beat goals, and attack words. I like it!”

And perhaps a favorite… ”You really enjoy this stuff, don’t you?”

When passion and profession collide, life is sweet.

Doris Sanders

Teacher/Director of Education

The Hill School of Wilmington

Ms. Doris Sanders with a student at The Hill School of Wilmington


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