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Congratulations on a Job Well Done!

Dr. Shary Maskel was the Executive Director of The Hill Learning Center in Durham when The Hill School of Wilmington was formed. She was a key contributor to the successful creation of an official Wilmington affiliation with the longstanding and highly-regarded Durham program. Now retired, she was recently in touch and offered her congratulations to Hill Wilmington reaching its 10th anniversary:

Dr. Shary Maskel

It was my pleasure to help in the affiliation process at the inception of The Hill School of Wilmington. There was such a dedicated group of supporters in the Wilmington area. It was a joy working with (founding Director) Dr. Dawn Hodges, UNCW faculty members, Beth Chadwick, John Meehl, Susan Harrell, and so many others! I remember attending the first fundraising breakfast that the new board held. I was so excited about the potential for helping struggling students in your area that I got out my checkbook too! I am thrilled that the school, ten years later, is doing so well!


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