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Q & A: An Interview with Hill School Student Emmy Teer

Like many students at The Hill School, Emmy Teer has talents that far exceed those in academics. For her, sailing has become more than a pastime, it has become a passion. With the support and encouragement of her parents, Emmy has turned her interest in sailing into one of her greatest competitive strengths.

We asked Emmy to answer a few questions about sailing.

What first interested you in sailing and how did you get started?

I didn’t have a choice for the first year. I just got put in it by my dad. After the second week I really loved it and then this year I was supposed to only go for 2 weeks and it ended up being 8 and I became star sailor because I was there the longest of all the kids.

How did you learn to sail? And do you have a favorite sailboat and sailing technique?

My coach, Taylor Betts, taught me. The sailboat I enjoy most is Open BIC. My best sailing skill is jibing because I can do things more quickly.

What do you like most about sailing?

Sailing makes me feel happy and I like it because I get to see my friends and compete in regattas.

Do you practice for the regattas and how often do you sail?

You have to practice a lot and believe that you can do it and enjoy it. I sail a lot in the summer and on some weekends sometimes when it is freezing!

Have you won any awards for sailing?

I have won a lot of awards. It takes up the entire side of the refrigerator!! In my first regatta, I won 5 out of 6 races and I was hooked.

Do you have any sailing plans for the future, possibly somewhere you would like to sail?

Next summer I hope to continue. A place I would pick to go sailing is in Maine because it is a lovely place to sail.


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