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High Bars & Hip Hop: Showcasing Talents in Competitive Sports

Mallory Eggleston and Lulu Kelly love to move. From flying on the bars to twirling on the dance floor, these girls excel in the competitive sports of gymnastics and dance. So many Hill School students develop talents that demonstrate skills far exceeding those found in the classroom; Mallory and Lulu are just two such examples.

Read our interview with the girls below.

Mallory Eggelston & Lulu Kelly

What first interested you in your sport and at what age did you start?

Mallory: ​My parents signed me up for lessons, I was 5 1/2 years old. In my second class, the owner of the gym pulled me out of class and took me to a team coach!

Lulu: I always loved music and it just came on its own. I was 6 when I started.

How old were you when you started competing?

Mallory: ​I was 8 at my first competition.

Lulu: [I was] 6.

How often do you train and where/with whom?

Mallory: ​I train at Gymnastics Unlimited. My Coach's name is Liv, she is awesome! I practice 4 nights a week for a total of 11 hours a week.

Lulu: I practice 3-4 days a week but it feels like every day. I dance at Studio One with Philip, Kim, Nicole, and Amber.

Of your accomplishments in your sport, what are you most proud of?

Mallory: I'm the most proud of the progress I've made on floor! I set a goal to get a certain score and I've been able to get that score at both of my meets this year!

Lulu: My hip hop moves.

What is your favorite dance genre/gymnastic skill?

Mallory: ​A flyaway on bars! [A flyaway is a dismount from the high bar...Mallory does either a back tuck or layout!]

Lulu: My favorite is hip hop and I love to do roundoff tucks.

What are your plans for the future, be it in your sport or not?

Mallory: I'd like to continue to compete in gymnastics through college if possible! But, I also think it would be fun to use my gymnastics skills in cheering for both high school and college.

Lulu: I don’t know what I want to be yet. But I think I will always love to dance.

Tell us about a time you struggled with something in your sport but worked to overcome it (like a difficult move you mastered).

Mallory: ​I've really struggled to be consistent with my round-off on the beam. I fell off one time while doing this skill and it really scared me. Having my coach just stand close to the beam while I'm up there has really helped me feel comfortable. Now I can do it on my own!

Lulu: Sometimes it takes me longer to remember things more than others. I have to work harder.


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