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We Are So Thankful For Our Students

This past week we've shared pictures, drawings, and statements from our students answering the question, "What are you thankful or grateful for in relation to being a student at The Hill School of Wilmington?" Our students have shared many reasons to be thankful, from teachers, to support, to DECLAN our facility dog. But for the staff at The Hill School, our number one reason to be thankful is our students and being able to help them develop life-changing skills.

Some of our older students shared their gratitude and how The Hill School has helped them with their challenges. See below for their responses.

Emmy: I am thankful for the Hill School because the teachers are teaching me how to

learn better with my dyslexia. The teachers also help me advocate for myself at my base

school. I also get to see my friends. I am so thankful for the Hill School for getting ready

to go off to high school and college.

Alec: I am thankful for The Hill School teaching me many new strategies to make the

work at my base school be much easier. Without The Hill School, I would've never done

as well as I am doing now. Thank you!

Virginia: I am thankful for a place where I can go to help me with my learning differences.

It also allows me to make new friends that aren’t at my base school. I am very thankful

that there is a place that I can go to to get ready for high school. Thank you!😇😇

Mallory: I am thankful for the Hill School because I get to see my friends and when I go to

my base school I know the meanings of things and what is best for me to study because

they taught me different ways to study. I am also thankful for Hill School because I have a

different way to learn with my dyslexia. ❤😎🏫

Joshua: I am thankful for hill school because I have dyslexia. I had the feeling that I

would never be able to read faster or spell better. Thank you, Ms. Peterson. I had trouble

keeping my letters straight and am building stamina. Thank you, Ms. Sanders. The school

I used to go to made fun of me because I couldn’t spell Mississippi and I would stutter

when I read. I got picked on. When I came here, they encouraged me where I am and if I

stutter, no one laughs at me. Thank you Hill School for making me stronger.


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