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We're Thankful for The Hill School Because...

Olivia W.: I’m thankful for my teachers at H.S.W. because they helped me learn when I

thought I had no chance, but now I know I can do whatever I set my mind to. I used to be

really bad at reading but now I can read most of anything I want to. Now I’m learning all I

can before next year when I leave H.S.W. I will miss everything about it here and I hope I

can come and visit sometimes because H.S.W. is just so precious to my heart.

“I’m thankful for HSOW because we have Declan the dog, she is an emotional support dog.”

Vance: I'm thankful for being able to be at school and not online. I am also thankful for

my friends and teachers. I struggle with math and my math teacher at my old school

didn't understand and now it's great to go to Hill School.

Sawyer: I am thankful for all of the teachers doing such a phenomenal job.

Also, I’m thankful for Delcan and how cute she is. Mrs. Harrell and Mrs. Graham

do a fantastic job.

Ryan: I am thankful for Hill because of all the help. It teaches me how to learn in easier

ways so I am able to be prepared for when I leave. All the teachers are awesome and

great to work with. Thank you!


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