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New school year off to a great start!

On Thursday, August 16, as the sounds of shuffling shoes mixed with the chatter of eager students, the doors opened to the first morning session of The Hill School's 2018-19 school year. The excitement surged as students marveled at the new 3800 square foot space located at 3333 Jaeckle Drive. Students and parents were fascinated by the larger classrooms, multi-purpose room, staff break room, and additional office spaces. The relocation to Jaeckle brought familiar faces, as well as new ones, by allowing the school to grow to serve 52 students from 40 last year.

The morning moved quickly as students switched classes between reading, writing, and math, with the session ending at eleven. This made way for the afternoon students to arrive shortly before noon.

As the next group made its way through the front doors, their same energy and excitement filled the air as they quickly made their way to the bright, beautiful classrooms, and teachers waiting eagerly to greet them.

The Hill School of Wilmington is southeastern North Carolina's only school dedicated to supporting the needs of students with learning and attention issues.


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