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Hill School of Wilmington Chosen as 2019 Landfall Grant Recipient

The Hill School of Wilmington was chosen once again as a Landfall Foundation grant recipient for its 2019 Multisensory Instruction Enhancement Project.

The grant, totaling $7,500, will allow Hill School teachers to receive additional training in multi-sensory instruction in reading, writing, and math. Also, document cameras/projectors will be purchased to help provide more interactive learning, an enormous tool for students with learning disabilities who benefit from tactile input. Because these students have trouble inputting information through some of their senses, their instruction ideally should include elements of seeing, hearing, touching, and moving. Document cameras/projectors can provide this by enhancing the type of instruction that research and our own experience validates as essential for our students.

This is the twenty-third year the Landfall Foundation has been awarding grants to organizations in our community. The Hill School of Wilmington is a 501(c)3 nonprofit school for students with learning disabilities.


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