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Eshelman Grant Awarded to The Hill School of Wilmington

The Eshelman Foundation has awarded The Hill School of Wilmington a grant totaling $22,000 to be used to increase the accessibility of its unique half-day academic program for children who otherwise could not afford to attend. With this grant, Hill School will be able to provide financial assistance to qualified students, giving these children strategies and skills to help overcome the struggles that come with having a learning disability.

As a young and rapidly growing non-profit organization, The Hill School of Wilmington is dependent upon grants and donations to provide the quality of instruction required to maintain the highest of standards. It relies on the generosity of donors like The Eshelman Foundation to advance its mission and programs.

The Hill School of Wilmington is the only school in southeastern North Carolina specifically designed to address the needs of students with learning disabilities and/or attention deficit disorders. Its mission is to empower children who have learning differences with the skills needed to become confident, independent learners.


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