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Linwood Dunston: Woodworking is fun!

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

Eighth-grader Linwood Dunston loves working with his hands, that's one reason he enjoys spending afternoons at the workshop of Kids Making It, a non-profit based in Wilmington, NC. Linwood is yet another example of a Hill School student whose grit and determination helped develop talents outside the classroom, whether these talents become a burgeoning career, or just an incredibly creative hobby.

Read our interview with Linwood below.

Linwood with a cutting board he made at Kids Making It

How long have you been doing woodworking?

About a year and a half.

What first interested you in this particular hobby?

I just like doing stuff with my hands and this sounded like fun.

Tell me a little about your training. Do you take classes? Where and with whom? 

I’ve been taking classes at Kids Making It. We started with simple projects like shelves and cutting boards. We move on to stuff like pens and projects you have to think out yourself. You have to learn to do exact measurements for example when you draw them out.

What tools do you use and what skills have you learned so far? What skills would you still like to learn?

We use the table saw, the miter saw, the lathe, and sanding materials. I would like to learn to build something bigger like a kitchen table.

What is your favorite thing to build (or make)? 

I like to make cutting boards because you are able to do patterns and engraving and make them different shapes.

Are you working on any projects right now?

Yes. A toy chest!

Do you see yourself continuing this in the future, possibly as a career?

Probably not a career but a real strong hobby.

For more information on the Kids Making It woodworking program, visit their website at


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