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Hoping for Hugs and High-Fives

Updated: May 19, 2021

By Susan Mixon Harrell

The challenges of this school year brought some unique learning opportunities and some powerful moments of gratitude. Students were quarantined much more than many would have liked, but we only had one active case of COVID-19 discovered after it came into the building. We were able to hold classes on-site except for the two days for sanitizing after the active case.

As we set up instruction for quarantined students, we all learned how to “pivot” - a word that became a bit tired and distasteful as the pandemic drug on. Throughout it all, our students continued to learn well and show resilience, perhaps because they saw their teachers modeling it so well.

What I missed most: hugs and high-fives; seeing the unmasked smiles of our students and staff; inviting parents and community members into the school; on-site parent and teacher workshops.

What I am grateful for: Remarkable parent and board support; students and staff who continued to show grit and determination; the feeling that our greater Hill community was cheering us along throughout this tough year.

Let’s have great hope for hugs and high-fives to be part of our school landscape for 2021-2022!


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