Student Writing

Tutoring Programs

Academic Year Tutoring

After school is an ideal time for new skills to be developed as well as

to reinforce current academic and study skills.

The Hill School of Wilmington offers individual or small group (2 - 4 students) tutoring by a Hill trained teacher on-site for students in grades 1 - 8.



Academic and Executive Functioning Coaching

Study skills, organization strategies, time management, note taking, andrelated strategies for student success


Direct instruction in reading, writing, and/or math (as directed bystudent need) using research-based Hill methodology and materials


*HillMath (for students in grades 8+)



Instruction and application of skills


Sessions are scheduled for1 hour, from 3:30 - 4:30, Monday - Thursday.


Fees :

Individual sessions $75 per hour

Group sessions $50 per hour

There is also a $50 per student Materials Fee.


Group sessions - 2 - 3 days/week for 6 weeks 

Individual sessions -  (agreement on number of sessions and schedule to be determined by tutor and parents). Payment for half of the contracted sessions required before program starts.


Applications are required for students who have not attended The Hill School of Wilmington. To download an application, please click here.

*Students do not need a formal diagnosis of LD or ADHD to be eligible for this program, but a general screening of academic and behavior issues will be conducted before admission.